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Darkside Skate Shop. Redding Red bluff. We sell skateboards, wheels, trucks and bearings too.

Skate shop Redding Red Bluff Darkside.

Skate Shop  Darkside. We offer the largest selection of skateboards and skate equiptment in the Chico area. We opened May 4th 2019. Also we have the most different selection of brands for skateboards and skate equpment in the

Skate Shop Redding and also Red Bluff

We also offer many Brands and sizes. 7.5 inch to 11 inch. Alien Workshop, Almost, Aluminati, Antihero, Arbor, Bacon, Baker, Birdhouse, Black Label, Blind, Blood Wizard, Chocolate, Cliche, Coda, Consolidated, Creature, Darkstar, Deathwish, Demon Seed, Dgk, Diamond Supply Co., Doom Sayers, Element, Enjoi, Fancy Lad, Fiveboro, Flip, Foundation, Girl, Globe, Habitat, Heroin, Hosoi, Krooked. You can also find Meow, Meridian, Mini Logo, Moonshine Mfg, Moonshine Skateboards, Omen, Pizza, Plan B,Powell Peralta, Primitive, Prism, Real, Santa Cruz, Sector 9, Shipyard Skates, Siren, Sk8 Mafia, Skate Mental, Suicidal Skates,Techne Skate,and also Toy Machine.

Skate Wheels

We also offer a large variety of wheels from makers like Abec 11, Acid, Chemical Co., Arbor, Atm, Autobahn, Blood Orange. Bones Wheels, Bustin Boards, Cadillac, Clone Wheels, Crailtap, Cult, Dgk. Element, Enjoi, Essentials, Free Wheel Co., Girl, Globe, Hawgs, Hosoi, Krooked, Mini Logo. Oj Wheels, Orbs, Penny, Pig, Pink, Powell Peralta, Powerflex, Prime Heritage, Rayne, Remember. Ricta, San Clemente, Santa Cruz, Sector 9, Seismic, Shark Wheels, Speedlab, Spitfire, Teenage Runaway. Termite, TunnelType-s, Venom, White Lightning And also Yocaher. From 50mm to 90mm wheels.

Skatebaord Trucks

We also offer a large amount of skateboard trucks in all sizes and many different brands like Independent, Krux, Gullwing, Caliber, Bullet, Mini Logo, Paris, Thunder, Venture and more. Skateboards Chico Darkside Skate Shop.

Skateboard Bearings

Andale, Atm, Beerings, Bones Bearings, Bronson Speed Co., Bustin Boards, Cadillac, Cortina Bearing Co., Diamond Supply Co., Element. Enjoi, Fkd, Flip, Girl, Globe, Hard LuckImpala Rollerskates, Independent, Lucky Bearings Co., Mini Logo, Modus, Monkey. Moonshine Mfg, Nitro, Pig, Primitive, Ritalin, Royal, Rush, Sabre, Sector 9, Seismic. Shake Junt, Synopsis and also Zeus Bearings.

In Conclusion you can find us in Chico, Redding and also in Red Bluff.

You can also contact one of our three smoke shops.

The Darkside (Redding, CA.)
975 Hilltop Dr
Redding, CA 96003

The Darkside (Red Bluff, CA.)
1068 South Main Street
Red Bluff, CA 96080
(530) 527-9700

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