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Sherlocks -We offer a very large selection of blown glass Sherlock pipes. Some of the Blown Glass Sherlock pipes are from local blowers. Smoke Shop Redding California. Color Changing Blown Glass Sherlocks with, dichro, wig wags, marbles etc.

Blown Glass Sherlocks Pipes

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    Sherlock Blown Glass Pipes

  •  At Darkside Smoke Shops offer a large selection of American Made. Return To Darkside.
  •  Sherlock blown glass pipes are made by using inside-out coloring technique. Colors are applied to the glass wall from the inside and the surface remains smooth. Sherlock Holmes glass pipes are classic, comfortable pipes with long middle part curved at the bottom and ended with large bowl with pot opened to the top.
  •  Named and modeled after the iconic pipe used by Sherlock Holmes, Sherlocks are stylistic hand pipes that have been popular for a century ! Look as wise as you feel with our collection of Sherlock glass pipes. Sherlocks are easily recognizable by their long, curved neck and mouthpiece, giving these pipes a unique aesthetic.